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FIRE Tracker and FIRE Calculator
Pickilo’s investment monitoring, forecasting, and peer comparison tools help you plan and stay on track toward FIRE.
No spreadsheets or manual calculations required. Save time and headache.

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FIRE Tracker and FIRE Calculator


And 100+ More Brokerages

And 100+ More Brokerages

FIRE calculations made easy

Track your progress to FIRE

Track your current net worth, projected future net worth, and future cash flow without any spreadsheets or manual calculations.

Pickilo automatically updates your numbers in real-time and alerts you if things fall off course.

Early Retirement Calculator
FIRE Goal Tracker
Track FIRE Annual Income
Am I saving enough for retirement?

Benchmark against peers

Compare income, savings rate, and FIRE numbers with peers

How does your contribution rate compare with others around the same age and income? Are you saving enough or too much?

Compare income, savings rate, and investments with your peers at similar ages and incomes. Completely anonymized. 

Am I saving enough for retirement?


Track Current and Future Dividends

Track dividends across all accounts.  View your total dividend yield and projected dividends in the future and at FIRE.

FIRE Dividend Tracker

Privacy and Data Security

Privacy You Can Trust

Pickilo is built by a team of engineers that had previously built services with 1M+ customers handling 100TB+ of data at top tech companies.

Pickilo is built with the same data security and handling best practices.

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  • Net Worth Projections at FIRE
  • Annual Income Projections at FIRE
  • Annual Dividend Projections at FIRE
  • Automatically Track Investments all Accounts
  • Automatically Track Contributions Across all Accounts
  • Automatically Track Dividends Across all Accounts
  • Compare Income and Contribution Rate with Peers

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